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Types of plaster

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Post: Types of plaster

Types of plaster products:

Provides a smooth surface:

If the whiteness is suitable and free of scars, it is used as a plaster material.

The balance of the internal atmosphere:

They have a natural ability to balance humidity as well as indoor climate. It is environmentally friendly, fire-resistant in nature, and has strong thermal and sound insulation. It offers a very good aesthetic appearance and useful features. Including plaster products in the budget promotes the creativity of architects.

Ease of installation:

By using these products inside the wall construction, we simply want to repair the frame and fill the seams.

The whole process is simple and fast. Using this plaster as a final finish minimizes additional painting work. White covers give it a transparent look.

Types of plaster products:

A large number of its products can be found that fulfill many aesthetic needs. It also provides adequate technical support.

For the same thickness, gypsum plaster is more expensive than cement plaster.

Gypsum plaster is undesirable on exterior walls because they are susceptible to moisture and in areas that are constantly wet such as bathrooms, toilets, laundry areas, kitchens, etc.

Gypsum boards include difficulty in executing a curved surface and low durability when damaged by impact or friction.

Uses of plaster:

The uses include architecture, art, ceramics, food spirits, medicinal and medical plastering, and various uses as follows:

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