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rotary dryer


Although rotary dryers and rotary kilns have similar thermal processing functions, they are intended for very different industrial applications. Rotary dryers operate at inlet temperatures between 600 and 1400°F and are primarily used to extract moisture from materials. Rotary kilns, on the other hand, operate at much higher temperatures, typically between 1,000 and 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and are used to cause a phase change or chemical reaction in a material.

Rotary kilns can sometimes assist the drying process, but this is not their primary function. Therefore, for those looking for a drying solution, a rotary dryer would be a better choice.

If you are unsure about the best equipment for your heat processing needs, contact us and an industry mineral expert will help you decide. All of our rotary dryers are custom designed to meet your unique material processing needs.

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