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Hammer mill

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Hammer mills are one of the most widely used mills and at the same time they are the oldest. They are actually crushers that can grind, pulverize and crush a wide range of materials. It consists of a series of hammers, usually four or more, hinged on a central vertical or horizontal pivot and enclosed within a rigid metal housing. The hammers are free to swing on the ends of the cross or fixed on the central rotor. The rotor is rotated at high speed inside the drum while the material is fed into the hopper. These materials are impacted by the hammer bars and consequently crushed and discharged through the drum plates of the selected size.

Hammer mills crush materials in two stages:

Size reduction that happens with dynamic impact
Sizing that occurs by abrasion and cutting in the second zone, where there is a small gap between the hammer and the plate strip, produces particles in the 15-50 µm range.

The desired particle size can be controlled through the feed rate, rotor speed/speed, impact resistance, plate opening size (how long the material remains), and the distance between the hammer and grinding plates.

Kani Sanat has been popular as an industrial machinery specialist for over 20 years. We have built a reputation for manufacturing high-quality, heavy-duty processing equipment, including custom hammer mills for size reduction.

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