Gypsum Plant

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Gypsum Plant

Gypsum Powder Processing Line

Gypsum (CASO4 2H2O) is a soft and natural calcium sulfate mineral (CASO4) that consists of two water molecules (H2O). It is a building material that is completely harmless to human health, moisture stabilizer, fire resistant, sound insulation, light weight and easy to use.

Gypsum is burned or calcined at a temperature of 630-650 degrees Celsius and adjusted to remain in half a molecule of water. Calcined gypsum passes through grinding and separating units according to the type of product.

Gypsum is produced by mixing chemical additives and materials such as calcite and perlite in the dry mixing unit and by filling 25 to 40 kg bags in the packaging unit.

Kani Sanat, with more than two decades of successful experience in the complete plaster factory solution, offers production and design capacity according to the demands of its customers.

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