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pin mill


Kani Sanat is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of pin mills in Iran. A pin mill is a grinding machine that grinds materials by the action of pins that repeatedly move past each other and decomposes materials with repeated blows.

It is a type of vertical shaft impact mill and consists of two rotating discs with pins embedded in one plate. The disks are placed parallel to each other so that the pins of one disk are facing the other disk. The material to be homogenized is introduced into the space between the discs and one or both discs rotate at high speed.

The materials are evenly fed into the grinding chamber by the feeding devices, which are strongly affected by the high-speed rotating disc. At the same time, to crush the material, it is subjected to various different forces such as friction, shear and collision between the static disk and the rotor disk. The rotor disc and static disc can be combined in different structural forms according to the nature of the material to meet the grinding needs of different materials.

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