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Gypsum Powder Mesh

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Post: Gypsum Powder Mesh

According to Mosby’s Dental Dictionary, chalk is calcium sulfate anhydride (CaSO4 2H2O). A powder that mixes with water is an alpha or beta hemihydrate. After reacting with water, the alpha hemihydrate forms rock while the beta hemihydrate forms gypsum.

In dentistry, plaster is undoubtedly the most commonly used material. Most molds are cast with plaster. By casting a mold with plaster, a plaster impression of an original mold is created. In addition, in some cases, gypsum can be used as the primary molding material.

There are two types of gypsum powder:

Gypsum powder 100 mesh

Gypsum powder 200 mesh

Gypsum powder 100 mesh:

This type of plaster is designed for the first layer of the wall and ceiling, cleaning, inside the brick, barrel arch, etc.

Gypsum powder 200 mesh:

This type of plaster is used for plastering the final layer with a high mesh. In addition, it is used in medicine, sculpture, decoration, GYPSUM BOARD factories and prefabricated plaster walls.

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