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Feldspar is a mineral from the family of tectonic silicates, which is composed of sodium, potassium or calcium aluminosilicate. There are many feldspars, the main ones being orthosis or microcline (potassium), albite (sodium) and anorthite (calcium).

Alkaline feldspars are often semi-transparent, white or pink and rich in alkali substances (Na +, K +), plagioclases that differ from the previous samples by the presence of calcium (Ca2+) and the absence of potassium (K +).

Alteration of feldspars leads to the formation of various clays, especially kaolin

Program scope

After clay, feldspar is the most important element in making ceramics.

-In the tiling sector, due to their reaction to firing, they are used as fluxes to reduce the temperature of the ceramic core during firing.

– It is also used in the composition of glasses used for packaging (bottles) and in clay containers

– Fillers: Feldspar is also used as a filler and expander in many applications such as paint, plastic and rubber.

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